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Beyond Deep Moisture Signature Shower Cologne


  • An Elegant And Attractive Musk-Scented Deep Moisture.
  • This Shower Cologne With A Fascinating And Deep Mood Scent Delivers Refreshing Moisture And A Fascinating Scent To The Skin.
  • A Healthy Blend Of 3 Yeast Extracts, A Triple Active Source. It Contains Rice Malt Yeast Extract Obtained From Nutrient-Rich Rice, Clean And Healthy Flower Yeast Extract Found In Three Flowers, And A Rare Truffle Yeast Extract Called Diamond In The Earth.
  • Eco-Farming Complex For Gentle And Soft Body Care. It Contains Only Eco Ingredients Grown In Healthy Land That Has Not Used Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides For 3 Years To Help Calm And Moisturize The Skin.


  • Dermatologically tested, formulated without harsh ingredients and Parabens.
  • A shower cologne with floral and white musk scent to hydrate and smooth out skin.
  • Triple Active Source™ enriched with 3 types of Yeast Extract to nourish skin, leaving it moisturised and elastic.


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