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Yehwadam Jeju Magnolia Pure Brightening Cream – 50ml

  • The brightening cream instantly boosts skin’s radiance and reduces the appearance of age spots and pigmentation.
  • The cream formulation gives instant bright. It is a whitening cream that helps to improve stain and dullness.
  • Formulated with oriental herbal ingredients grown in Korea.
  • Formulated without tar colorant and synthetic preservatives.
  • Yehwadam products are made with natural Korean ingredients processed by traditional methods passed down from one generation to another.

[Key Ingredients]

  • Chil-Bark-Seol-Yun-Dan Complex which consists of 7 traditional herbs that improve overall skin tone, dark spots, and pigmentation
  • (NEW) Jeju Magnolia Extract – a natural brightening ingredient that provides an intensive brightening effect
  • Pearl – brightens up skin tone and controls the activity of melanin production.
  • Poria Cocos –improves skin tone, radiance, and glow.
  • Atractylodes – Macrocephia: brightens up the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  • Cnidium – promotes blood circulation to restore skin’s energy and balance.
  • White Ginseng – inhibits melanin production to brighten up the skin
  • Honey Suckle – detoxifies the skin
  • Peony – promotes blood circulation to improve skin tone.


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