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Belif Aqua Bomb Vita Water Cream – 50ml/1.69 fl.oz.

  • BELIF Aqua Bomb Vita Water Cream is a brightening moisturizer formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to quickly replenish the skin’s moisture levels while keeping the skin looking clear and bright.
  • It is high in antioxidants that help brighten dull complexion, fade dark spots and leave skin looking dewy and well hydrated.
  • Its soft, lightweight texture absorbs well into the skin without leaving greasy residue.
  • Helps to enhance skin brightness and increase the density of skin moisture with moisture droplets rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C & E.
  • Vitamin moisture bomb cream with plenty of vitamins and hyaluronic acid.
  • Vitamin moisture cream that makes skin texture clear and transparent,As it rolls on the skin, the water droplet bursts to give a rich moisture.
  • The form that gives off a cool vitamin moisture drop and gives a shiny finish the moment you apply
    Moisture density 330.4% UP

[Main Ingredients]

  • Vitamin C & E, Grasswort, Quadruple Hyaluronic Blend TM.

[Herbal Formula(s)]

  • Napier’s aqua formula.


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