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Belif The White Decoction Ultimate Brightening Cream – 50ml

  • Creamy emulsion type brightening essence with light texture that leaves moisture for a long time.
  • [3-in-1 functions]: Brightening, moisturizing, strengthens skin barrier Prevents melanin formation for clear skin.
  • Olive originated emulsifying system with high skin affinity.

[Main Features]

  • A nourishing cream that corrects dark spots and pigmentation to boost luminosity, revealing a radiant, smoother-looking complexion.
  • Helps restore skin’s vitality by revitalizing the skin from within, to promote clear, even and brighter skin.
  • Formulated with Root White Decoction Formula™, where herbal extracts (Heather, Feverfew, Teasel) are slowly brewed over an extended period of time to create the most effective brightening cocktail for the skin.
  • Also infused with Herb Vitamins (Vitamin B & C Derivatives) that aids further in brightening and refining skin texture.

[Suitable For]

  • All skin types.


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