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Belif Youth Creator Age Knockdown Water Essence – 120ml/4.05 fl.oz.

  • Water essence strengthens skin barrier, moisturizes and adjusts skin texture to create healthy, smooth skin with radiance.
  • Nourish and soothe skin to enhance skin elasticity for youthful skin express with wrinkle-improving function.
  • ORAC Test completed product that offers antioxidative effect to protect delicate skin against external aggressors.
  • Before entering into full scale anti aging skincare routine, a pre step is needed to increase the basic strength of skin.

[Key Benefits]

  • Firm skin barrier care Water serum that creates healthy skin with its elasticity & moisturizing care for firm skin barrier, the key to skin’s basic.
  • Clear and revitalized skin Water serum that clarifies and revitalizes skin with its amino acid L serine that clears skin tone and evens out skin texture.
  • Anti oxidant & cell activation Essence that activates skin cell and has anti oxidant effect to protect skin from external stressors.

[Key Ingredients]

  • [Winter Aster]: Balances skin’s protective barrier; seals in moisture; anti-aging & anti-inflammatory properties
  • [Napiers Anti-aging Formula]: belif’s Anti-aging Formula that aids in gentle, natural exfoliation of skin to promote skin elasticity and resilience for younger-looking skin.
  • [Napiers Original Formula]: belif’s Key Formula that promotes overall skin health with potent antioxidants containing skin-calming and anti-blemish properties.

[5 Free Formula]

  • All belif products do not contain mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives or animal-derived ingredients.

[Suitable For]

  • All skin types.


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