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Beyond Deep Moisture Body Grand Set.

BEYOND Deep Moisture Shower Cream-450ml
BEYOND Deep Moisture Body Emulsion-450ml
BEYOND Deep Moisture Shower Cream-60ml
BEYOND Deep Moisture Body Emulsion-60ml
BEYOND Deep Moisture Body Emulsion-110ml

[BEYOND Deep Moisture Body Grand Set]

  • It is a body care set with excellent deep moisturizer shower cream and emulsion for gifts.
  • It improves the fine scratches on the skin to complete smooth skin texture.
  • Moisturizing lasts 24 hours even in dry winter.

[BEYOND Deep Moisture Body Grand Set]

[POINT 01]

  • Soft and rich bubbles remove waste and leave moisturizing ingredients on the skin.

[POINT 02]

  • It contains only eco-components from healthy land that has not used chemical fertilizers and pesticides for three years, helping soothe the skin.

[POINT 03]

  • The soft white musk scent continues and absorbs smoothly without stickiness, completing a smooth body skin texture.


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