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Brow Lasting Proof Browcara 01 Light Brown

Feature All-purpose brow color with a fine-toothed mini pine tree-shaped brush that can be used in designing your eyebrow as you like Easy brow design with a mini pine tree-shaped brush Fit in the eyebrow evenly without lumping and running Support a variety of colors that suits hair trends *Can create your own brow color with the designing brow.

Option 01 Light Brown 02 Brown 03 Gray Brown 04 Dark Brown Volume 7g

How To Use 

1) Stroke eyebrow in reverse direction for more volume.

2) Tidy up brow strokes with a brush after creating volume as necessary.

3) Natural-looking voluminous eyebrows are now complete!

#If used with a designing brow

1) Draw brow lines with a pencil as you like.

2) Fill the inside of the lines.

3) Stroke eyebrows with designing brow color to add volume.


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