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Daily Perfumed Hand Cream 08 Avocado – 30ml

Highly moisturizing daily perfume hand cream that you can choose according to your preference. Contains 10% shea butter that softly moisturizes dry hands*


•    Soft butter type hand cream that applies without any stickiness and quickly absorbs and moisturizes dry hands for long periods of time*

•    Subtle, fragrant cherry blossoms, unique macadamia, sweet acacia fragrance will heighten up your spirits

•    Shea butter creates a natural sebum barrier making dry hands soft and moisturized*

•    Natural ingredient β-glucan increases skin cell immunity and protects skin while giving anti-wrinkle effects*

•    Highly nourishing hand cream with acacia honey fragrance that deliver the nutrients of honey directly to dry hands making it moisturized and soft*

•    Fresh acacia floral fragrance with the sweetness of honey


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