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Fmgt B.Gold Collagen Ampoule Makeup Base02 Green – 40ml


  • Skin Tone-Up Treatment Makeup Base Containing Gold Collagen Complex.
  • The Gold-Containing Formulation Provides Nourishment To The Skin, Creating A Vibrant, Shiny Skin.
  • The Formulation Containing More Than 70% Of Hydrolyzed Collagen And Skin Conditioning Ingredients Makes Skin Moist Even In Dry External Environments.
  • The Wrinkle-Blurring Effect Makes The Skin Look Great. Blur Cover Powder That Diffuses Light Reflects Off Fine Lines And Pores Without Clumping And Adheres Tightly To Create Bright And Clean Skin.
  • Expresses Colorful Skin By Evenly Correcting Skin Tone. It Brightens And Evenly Corrects The Dull Skin Due To Skin Blemishes And Blemishes To Clear The Makeup Skin Base.

[Available in 2 colors]

  • 01 Pink
  • 02 Green


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