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Ink gel Pencil Eyeliner 02 Black Caviar

  • Ink-like rich color with soft-gel texture.
  • Long-lasting : smudge-proof, water-proof, sebum-proof.
  • This auto-type convenient pencil liner can express intricate eye line; with built-in sharpener


  • Born With A Rich Ink-Colored Gel Pencil.
  • An Auto Pen Liner That Adds High-Definition Ink Color To The Softness Of The Gel Liner To Complete A Clear And Deep Eye Look.
  • Rich Color Like Ink, Soft Gel Texture. The Creamy Melting Gel Texture Vividly Expresses The Rich Color Of High Color Even With A Single Touch.
  • Clean Long-Lasting, Long-Lasting Formula. With A Smudge-Proof Formulation, It Lasts A Long Time Against Sweat And Sebum To Keep Your Eyes Clean.
  • Built-In Sharpener Makes It Edge At Any Time, Automatic Type Pencil. The Built-In Sharpener Makes It Easy To Trim Blunt Seams To Create Delicate Lines At Any Time.


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