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Ink Lasting Foundation Glow N203


  • Ink Lasting Foundation Glow That Completes Smooth Skin Texture With Natural Shine.
  • Smooth Skin Texture That Gently Fills Up. A Fine Shimmering Powder That Reflects Light Is Added To A High-Refractive Oil With Excellent Gloss To Create A Smooth Skin Texture With A Subtle Glow.
  • Natural And Perfect Skin Cover. It Contains A Primer-Effect Polymer That Covers Fine Lines And Skin Curves, Maintaining A Thin And Dense Makeup And Finishing With A Delicate Skin With A Sense Of Fit Without Lifting.
  • Clear And Clean Skin Tone That Lasts For A Long Time. With A Film Former That Forms A Thin Film On The Skin Surface And A Pigment System That Enhances Adhesion, It Helps To Keep Your Skin Clean And Comfortable For A Long Time.


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