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Quick Hair Puff 02 Dark Brown

  • Absorbs the excess sebum on the scalp effectively and its built-in hair puff allows the powder to glide on perfectly.
  • Try the quick hair puff to cover an empty hair line giving your hair body and making your facial line look sharp.
  • Strengthen adhesion of powder to the scalp with the puff.
  • Natural brown/dark brown colors similar to natural hair color to produce a natural hair line cover and give body to your hair.
  • Long-lasting waterproof product.

[Main Features]

  • Powder-type hair puff that fills the hairline with natural color and controls scalp shine with sebum adsorbing effects.
  • Porous powder with sebum absorbing effects for a shine-free, matte scalp.

[Key Ingredients]

  • Contains hair strengthening Fo-Ti Root/ black soybean/ ginseng ingredients. No added parabens.


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