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Real Blend Deep Cleansing Oil

  • A deep cleansing oil infused with natural Botanical Oils from real flowers inspired by an oil blend recipe.
  • Cleanse your skin really well, hydrates, doesn’t cause any irritation.
  • Deep clean cleansing oil by oil blending of real flower and Marseille Soap.
  • Cleansing oil containing Real Silvestre flower neatly removes thick makeup.
  • Fresh feeling.
[Main Features]
  • A cleansing oil with a thick, heavier texture made with Marseille Soap formula of natural
    plant oil blending and contains real sylvestre flower that not only removes skin impurities but heavy point makeup.
  • Delivers a non-oily fresh finish.
  •  5 free skin mild formula (paraben, tar pigments, mineral oil, talc, silicon)


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