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The Face Shop  Smile Foot Gift Set

[Smile Foot Mask]

  • Experience a dramatic change. Your feet will feel as soft as a baby’s!
  • The Face Shop exfoliating foot mask includes skin liquid solution that removes calluses and makes feet smooth and soft.
  • Natural plant-derived ingredients soften rough skin while pine leaf extract makes skin feel fresh and reenergized.
  • Pamper your feet and get silky soft skin with the Smile Foot Mask.
  • So easy to use, they allow you to relax while they nourish and hydrate your feet’s damaged skin.

[Foot Peeling Jelly Mask]

  • Baby soft feet, just a peel away. Get your hands on this foot peeling jelly mask from The Face Shop that removes dead skin cells away to leave your feet soft and supple.
  • It contains shea butter, urea, collagen and refreshing peppermint oil to remove foot odor and ensure a fresh feeling.
  • It is paraben-free, natural, vegan, sulfate-free, dermatologically tested, mineral oil-free and cruelty-free.

[Foot Peeling Mask]

  • Our foot masks is a water-based formula that peels away dead skin while moisturizing your feet for a refreshing sensation.