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The Face Shop Dual Contour 01 Neutral

[#01 Neutral]

  • Suitable for yellow or golden skin tones.


  • Cut The Face Margins With Two Shading Colors!
  • Baked Type Dual Contour That Creates A Subtle And Natural Contour Cutting Effect.
  • Color Blending. Contouring More Delicately By Mixing Two Colors With Different Shades.
  • Hybrid Texture. A New Concept Texture That Combines The Natural Adhesion Of Baked And The Soft Color Of Powder.
  • Personal Color. Pinkish Neutral Cool With Minimal Yellowness/Yellowish Natural Worms With Minimal Redness.


  • This dual-shaded contour can create a look of authentic dimensionality of face.
  • It provides 2 kinds of shades for completing a more detailed contouring.


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