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The Face Shop Marble Beam High lighter 03 Love Aura

  • Adherence and durability due to the baked powder technology.
  • Easy to create for beginners water color.


  • Color Layering With Three Color Marble Blending! Beam Blusher & Highlighter That Gives Both Highlighter And Blusher Effect At The Same Time!
  • Base Color That Gives A Highlighter Effect. Middle Color That Corrects Skin Tone. Point Color Composition That Creates A Lively And Bright Look.
  • The Transparent And Bright Pearl Feels Shining As If Illuminated.
  • A Subtle Watercolor Color That Even Beginners Can Easily Produce.
  • Excellent Adhesion And Lasting Power Through The Baked Technology Method.


  • A blusher & highlighter which consists of subtle, shimmering multiple shades to present a radiant and healthy complexion.
  • Mixture of marble colors complete highlights and blushes at the same time.
  • It adheres onto cheeks smoothly and stay for all day long thanks to the Baked Technology.
  • Easy to control. Suitable for makeup beginners.



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