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Fmgt Pastel Cushion Blusher 02 – 6g

  • Blush is an indispensable makeup product to help girls have a more natural and perfect beauty when applying makeup.
  • Pastel Cushion Blusher  is a compact, oil-control blusher that will help you not only have lovely rosy cheeks, but also keep your face smooth, not greasy.
  • Eye-catching design with cute color small box, bringing a sense of enjoyment when using.
  •  The soft, fluffy powder puff lightly blends the color onto the cheeks.
  • The lovely boa puff adheres the lovely colors clearly without powder dispersion.


  •  Long-lasting pressed blush, containing oil-control powder, will help you not only have outstanding, lovely blushing cheeks, but also keep your face dry and smooth, not greasy.
  • Silky smooth effect on natural color without powdery or clumping.
  • Can apply blush color to highlight eye color.
  • Create sharp, beautiful lines for the face.



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