The Therapy Blending Formula Ampoule

  • The Therapy Blending Formula Ampoule of  the face shop  will be a special care product for skin health, helping to restore and maintain healthy, young and beautiful skin for women. 
  • The essence in The Therapy Blending line with an anti-aging herbal formula selected and handcrafted by Marche, Italy provides an intensive care solution for skin problems with aging, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • wrinkles and elasticity.
  • The formula blends essential oils from around the world with chamomile petals, bay leaf, oat and olive in the form of an “ampoule” for the ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis, promoting its ability to repair, restore and repair the skin.
  • Effectively renews the skin’s epidermal structure.


  • A premium anti-aging ampoule nourishes and hydrates skin for firming, wrinkle improvement effect.
  • Its lightweight formula delivers instant moisture to irritated and fatigued skin.


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