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Fmgt Water Fit Tint Ex 04 Red Signal

  • A hydrating tint that stains lips with transfer-proof color.
  • This versatile, long wearing lip stain that adds juicy, vibrant color to your lips.
  • Its moisturizing formula leaves nourishing pigments on lips and the moist gel-type texture dries to a lovely hue that won’t leave a sticky, greasy feel.
  • This subtle tint also can also be used as blush to add a flush of color to your cheeks.

[Upgraded Texture]

  • Applies desired colour on the lips with moisture + adherence + colour expression trifecta.

[Upgraded Colour Expression]

  • Water gel texture that evenly applies vivid colour to the lips.

[Mess-free, Fresh Finish]

  • Non-sticky, fresh clean finish that sets quickly


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