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The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Lotion – 145ml

  • A brightening lotion that softly covers skin with white milky fair light, the White Seed Brightening Lotion by Face shop is a sure winner for star quality skin!
  • Formulated with a compound of brightening ingredients such as white lupin seed, that contains a natural brightening substance, and white daisy flower extracts that helps in reducing dullness to make skin look bright and clear.
  • This product is dermatologically tested and is specially created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.


  • Smooth, moisture-rich brightening lotion that replenishes skin moisture barrier without any sticky residue.
  • This brightening lotion helps controls the balance of oil and water in the skin and gives skin a luminous glow.
  • It creates a whitening plus moisturizing barrier for long lasting fairness and moisturized skin.
  • The three layer whitening system helps fix uneven skin tone, takes care of dark spots and makes skin one step brighter.


  • Smoothens the skin.
  • Provides moisturization onto the skin.
  • Softens the skin.
  • Seals moisture.

[Formulated without 7 additives]

  • Parabens, tar colorant, animal-sourced ingredients, mineral oil, talc, polyacrylamide, paraffin.


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