Belif Numero 10 Mist – 150ml

  • Clinically proven to increase skin moisture levels by 137% and improve skin radiance by 10.8% within 10 seconds of spraying mist.
  • Formulated with the same DNA of the popular Numero 10 Essence, this mist provides a fast, hassle-free moisture charge for dry skin.
  • Suitable for various usage situations. Supplies the skin with a burst of hydration after washing of face, before makeup application or whenever the skin feels dry from external stressors such as air conditioning, face masks and heat.


  •  Moisture charge within 10 seconds every dry moment.
  •  Easy moisture capture anytime, anywhere. A moist, tangle mist that holds the skin’s moisture whenever it’s dry.
  •  A firm gel-type texture that resembles Numero 10 essence.
  •  Moisturizing power at the moment of spraying. Cooldown skin thirst.
  •  Moisturize every corner of the face with mist spray without clumping.



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