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Fmgt B.Gold Collagen Ampoule Glow fd 203

  • Gold Collagen Ampoule Glow Foundation is recommended to be a base for makeup when your skin is dull. Gold content + brightening serum brightens dull faces and evens out redness (redness).
  • Contains oil and hydrolyzed collagen, moisturizes the skin and makes it look healthier and more supple.
[Skin Type]
  • All Skin Types.


  • Essence Pact That Creates Bright And Subtle Honey-Glow Skin.
  • The Gold-Containing Formulation Provides Nourishment To The Skin, Creating A Vibrant, Shiny Skin.
  • Formulated With Hydrolyzed Collagen Keeps Skin Moist Even In Dry External Environments.
  • Pink & White Essence Blend For Brighter Skin. Pink & White Essence Is Blended To Evenly Create Reddish Or Yellow Skin Tones, And To Create Bright Skin For A Long Time.
  • Subtle And Nourishing Skin Expression. High-Refractive Oil With Excellent Luster Completes The Skin With A Nutritious Feeling That Fills Up From The Deep.


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