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The Face Shop Solution Double-Up Hydrating Face Mask – 20ml

  • A basic mask sheet line that provides honest solution to solve skin troubles, The Solution Hydrating Face Mask by Face shop is your ultimate beauty saviour!
  • Enriched with rich essentials to help achieve smooth and healthy skin.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.


  • Hydrating Face Mask The essence containing hyaluronic acid fills dry skin with moisture with excellent moisture retention.
  • Pore Care Face Mask Tannin-containing essence, a polyphenol component, soothes the shiny skin and helps with pore care.
  • Brightening Face Mask The essence, which contains pearl Powder and whitening potential ingredients, makes dark skin clear and clean.
  • Soothing Face Mask An essence containing madecassoside helps soothe the skin. Moisturizing Face Mask Ceramide-containing essence helps to build moisture film on the skin, making it hydrated.
  • Firming Face Mask The essence, which contains collagen and wrinkles improvement functional ingredients, provides elasticity to the disheveled skin.
  • Nourishing Face Mask Essence containing propolis provides rich nutrition and vitality to tired and weak skin.

[Key Points]

  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Air-light mask sheet
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Prevent moisture loss
  • 2x more Hyaluronic Acid


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