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The Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil N203

  • The perfect duo of liquid and cream stick concealers for flawless skin.
  • The dual concealer makes blemished skin look flawless.
  • Smart seed provides excellent adherence for a look that lasts.
  • Concealer The Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil  is one of the products that was put on the “Blind Test” of Get It Beauty, a very famous Korean program.
  • Besides, the product also won many other great prizes.

[Concealer Dual Veil  is a concealer with a modern design with a multi-function form]:

  • Liquid Concealer (Liquid Concealer): Used to cover concealer on large skin areas, especially for effective dark circles.
  • Head Stick Concealer (Cover Stick): Designed as a lipstick to cover the dark scars caused by acne, age spots, freckles … Besides, you can use for lips to help lipstick color up and stick to the color long.

The creamy texture of the product is very smooth and smooth in both liquid and ingot forms.

Therefore, you can easily spread the cream by hand or with a brush / sponge.



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